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1971 marked the beginning of a project faced with a sense of responsibility, seriousness, honesty, and commitment. Such project had as its main objective making a contribution to the development and advance of the crane and transportation market in our country.

We are not the only enterprise dedicated to the hoisting, manipulation, transport, load, download and/or the movement of goods and machinery in general, as well as the assembling, disassembling, and industrial moving of all kinds of goods. Our brand and 37 years of experience -involving crane drivers with up to a 20-year seniority in our company- make a difference, positioning us as market leaders characterized by taking each task as something personal, avoiding any kind ok risk.

We know that when you deposit your trust in us, you are leaving in our hands some things that are, in many cases, the result of many years of work and effort. You may trust our job which implies careful planning for each of the steps in which we will assist you, from the beginning to the end of the task.

Our equipment is permanently and carefully checked by high quality safety engineers, we perform a constant preemptive maintenance and periodic technical verifications. We count on a technical assistance department in charge of solving your problems in detail, inspecting the physical space where the moving will be carried out, with the purpose of advising you on how to prevent inconveniences.

As you know, our country has exposed us to a great deal of social and economic upheavals, however, we have never given up, we have duplicated our bet investing, protecting our personnel, and building a very valuable experience through such hardships.

For the reasons above mentioned, we are convinced that we can meet your needs professionally and responsibly. That is our most important win.
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